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Yoga for Pelvic Floor Health

The muscles that support good pelvic floor health can become weakened as a result of pregnancy, childbirth, obesity, straining with chronic constipation and simply overtime as we age without actively working to strengthen them. Pelvic floor muscles prevent bladder and bowel incontinence, prevent prolapse of pelvic organs and are also important in sexual function for both male and female bodies. Those with a weakened pelvic floor may also suffer from low back pain and Sacroiliac Joint dysfunction. 

You do not have to wait until you experience bladder leakage when sneezing, jumping or laughing to start strengthening your pelvic floor and you certainly don’t have to be ashamed if you are already there! I am one of just a handful of Yoga Teachers in Ontario that are fully certified to teach Yoga For Pelvic Floor Health. This style of class is for all levels of practice and all gender identities are welcome to participate.

As a Certified Yoga for Pelvic Floor teacher, I offer online and in person private sessions where we discuss and learn more about pelvic floor health in addition to some strengthening exercises. Through these sessions, you will gain a better understanding of how to practice yoga on your own while working towards a neutral pelvic floor. This style of class can be specifically geared towards your unique pelvic floor needs. Once you have completed your private sessions, group classes are available to assist you in maintaining your practice.

Please note : Yoga for Pelvic Floor Health is not a substitute for a Pelvic Floor Therapist. While it is not a requirement, I strongly encourage anyone who is already showing symptoms to visit a Pelvic Floor Therapist to receive an accurate medical diagnosis.

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