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About me

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I attended my first yoga class in Hamilton in 2012. At the time, I was a self proclaimed work-a-holic in Veterinary Medicine, with a focus on Emergency Medicine and Critical Care. I considered working a 70+ hour week a “normal” lifestyle and I lived for the adrenaline and excitement of the unknown that my job brought me. I was working 14 hour shifts in a high stress environment without so much as stopping to drink water; “Self Care” was not a part of my vocabulary. 

Struggling to sleep from adrenaline highs and a busy mind, I turned to yoga. My first class, I spent the entire time worrying what other people might be thinking and all the other things I could be accomplishing during that hour. I struggled during moments of stillness, as thoughts bounced through my mind like aimlessly flipping channels on a television. It was a disaster… or so I thought at the time.  Fast forward a decade, I am now teaching yoga and aiming each week for a healthier work-life balance. Looking back, I guess that first class was perfect and exactly what I needed! 

Following my Yoga Teacher Training, I became certified as a level 3 Thai Yoga Massage Practitioner and a Performance Stretch Therapist. I love how the skills I’ve gained through these trainings have helped me grow as a Yoga teacher and can be incorporated into the private sessions that I offer. 

After nearly 2 decades of helping animals, I am excited to be able to transition my focus to helping people find balance in their lives through yoga and massage. Yoga truly is accessible to everybody and I look forward to guiding you through your practice.